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While You're Waiting...

To be honest…. I absolutely hate waiting. Waiting in lines, waiting in traffic, waiting for that glorious chocolate milkshake you ordered…. it feels like it never ends.

For me, 2018 has been a massive year for “waiting”. In so many aspects of my life and in my husband’s life we have been waiting. Waiting for our dream job, waiting to start a family, waiting to hear back about an internship…waiting…waiting…waiting…Sometimes I can feel time ticking by mocking me as I suffer.

The sad thing is… I have allowed this perpetual time of waiting to steal from my life. There have been moments when I have been depressed, angry, frustrated and all other emotions in between…but one emotion I experience the least is joy. I have grown accustomed to acting as though things have to happen on MY timetable, because I know what’s best for ME right!?….…..not quite.

There is a phrase that people say ALL THE TIME that has always driven me crazy and it’s this, “While you’re waiting for the door to open, praise Jesus in the hallway”. I cringe so hard when I hear that, because I think it is really corny; but also because its spot on. In times of waiting and feeling like life is stuck, it is so hard to focus your eyes on worshipping Jesus. Yet, the only way you will get perspective and feel freedom is if you trust Jesus and allow him to show you the plan for your life…and if he doesn’t show you right away, you’ll just have to wait for that too (and that’s okay).

God absolutely adores each and every one of His children. When we get impatient waiting on Him to move, we show Him that we do not trust that He knows what is best for us. His promises for your life will be fulfilled on His timeline, because He sees the full picture. Trust Him and take a deep breath.

Instead of treating this time of waiting like a curse, embrace it. It will be difficult for sure. But as you start to shift your mind on what is right in front of you, rather than on what is ahead of you, it will start to change how you feel about everything.

Prepare for the future so that when that door finally does open, you can walk through it. But don’t just sit there staring at the door, because you will miss life that is happening all around you.


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