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Where the Buck Stops

That’s a common phrase, WHERE THE BUCK STOPS. It denotes a place in time and space where all things concerning whatever the situation is, comes to an end and meets the one responsible over everything. It’s an alluring place for those who are not in control of whatever is rubbing against them at the moment because it gives them a place where they can cast all blame and responsibility rather than taking a good hard look at themselves and what they might have contributed to the situation that is rubbing them wrong. For those who like to cast blame on the WHERE THE BUCK STOPS for all their uncomfortable situations in life, it is a place of justifying their position and it somehow brings comfort to them to think everything is the fault of WHERE THE BUCK STOPS.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking described above is shortsighted and blind in that it doesn’t open the door to self-discovery. See, in a life that follows the Bible and Jesus’ teachings, there is no such thing as casting blame and fault at the feet of WHERE THE BUCK STOPS. This life is all about moving from glory to glory as we look to Jesus and measure each situation of our lives against the backdrop of the Word of God. We have a responsibility to God to go through self-discovery EVERY time something is rubbing us wrong in life. God is after the condition of OUR heart and the motives of OUR heart. Rather than judging, we have to leave the condition of WHERE THE BUCK STOP’s heart in God’s hands. When we circumvent any self-discovery and we start deciding what’s in WHERE THE BUCK STOP’s heart, we have entered into the DANGEROUS territory of casting judgment where the enemy is free to roam and devour ALL that is in our lives. It’s not a light thing to be blind to our self-discovery as that is exactly what the Christian journey is all about—truthfulness, honesty and a candid look at ourselves and our weaknesses and how God can heal them all—as we move from glory to glory.

Our focus in life has to change from it always being WHERE THE BUCK STOPS fault and onto discovering what is really motivating our hearts to respond in the manner we’re responding. Only through that thorough examination of ourselves do we come to the understanding of loving people unconditionally, letting go of our perceived “rights” and walking in forgiveness. During this year of CREATIVITY, let’s be sure we go on that self-discovery journey with God, rather than always passing the buck to WHERE THE BUCK STOPS. God is after CREATING something beautiful in EACH of us which showcases our heart after God. Let’s participate in THAT journey together!


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