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To Move or Not to Move

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

For me, having a new year always brings new hope with endless possibilities. I guess you can say I look forward to letting go of the old and looking into the new that’s ahead. This year we have a theme for the Center for Women at NorthStar that runs parallel with the Jewish year 5778 which is the Year of the Open Door. With that OPEN DOOR theme, what I see for each of us is a door that is wide open just waiting for us to pass through to the NEW!

In pondering this OPEN DOOR theme, I started to think about all the goals and dreams I had for 2017 that I didn’t quite accomplish the way I wanted. With those thoughts came frustration, disappointment and kind of a feeling of hopelessness. I could NEVER get 2017 back so how in the world would I ever be able to reconcile my failure to accomplish all that I had planned?? There was enough of a defeated feeling that I could have camped there!

Then my thoughts moved back to the New Year 2018, the OPEN DOOR theme, and all the possibilities that are just across the threshold of that OPEN DOOR! I could feel a relief coming over me, some hope beginning to flutter in my heart and a flicker of energy beginning to rumble in my being! Yes, I realized I was again being given the gift of a New Year and THIS year I had an OPEN DOOR to move forward into the future!

The OPEN DOOR for 2018 is an invitation to us all to move forward into that next place of such possibilities. So, I invite you to join me as we shake off the failures of 2017 and move with full steam ahead through that beautiful OPEN DOOR and experience all that our loving Heavenly Father has for each of us in 2018. Oh, the possibilities that are ahead for all the Father’s daughters are full of such promise and productivity!! Come join me on this journey forward with heart’s full of hope!


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