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The Rear-View Mirror

Here we are at the last month of 2018 wondering, HOW COULD THIS BE??!! When I was young, I would hear OLD people say how time flies. Well, here I am wondering where all the seconds, minutes, moments of these days of 2018 have gone to in a flash!

When approaching the end of a year, we have a tendency to look back and see places where we might not have used our time as wisely as we had hoped. You might even say you failed or misused the moments given to you but the beautiful truth that exists is that GOD WASTES NOTHING that we encounter in our lives IF we allow HIM to work in us for HIS good.

See, looking in the “rear-view mirror” can be dangerous and full of defeat unless we hold on to the fact that GOD IS THE REDEEMER of our days. He can take unused time, misused time and wrongly used time and REDEEM IT for HIS good to be displayed in our lives! He gives us the OPEN DOOR to walk through for the redemption of our days.

Maybe you took the challenge this year and walked through the OPEN-DOOR God presented you. Maybe your world opened up when you took that step, full of possibilities, and launched you into your destiny in God faster than you could believe. Maybe you accomplished something wonderful as you took that leap of faith through that OPEN DOOR. Either way—whether you are looking in the rear-view mirror with regrets or celebrating the accomplishments of stepping through the open door, the comfort is GOD IS WITH YOU, CHEERING YOU ON to move forward in Him!

He’s challenging you to join with Him to move into 2019 with new fervor and renewed strength!! The BEST IS YET TO COME and God wants you with HIM!! So, SHAKE OFF the regret and join in the celebration that GOD IS WITH US, ALWAYS!! It’s a right and proper thing to do because—It’s time to REJOICE!! Join me in the celebration and I’ll see you in 2019!!


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