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So, what are you waiting for?

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

How many times have you stood in a line at the grocery store, bank, or other only to find that the line next to you was moving at a faster pace than the one you were in? On a number of occasions, I have gotten in a line that appeared to be shorter only to discover that it was moving at a snail's speed and that others in the lines next to me were zooming past me. Nevertheless, I would just say to myself, I got in the wrong line (again) and settled in to wait my turn in my line.

However, during one of my extended stays in a line, I had an epiphany. Why had I resolved to stay in a line that was going nowhere quickly, when all I had to do was…MOVE? What were my reasons for staying where I was despite the fact that I was watching other opportunities to go faster and chose not to pursue those opportunities? Why was I waiting, when waiting was actually holding up my progress?

What a moment of revelation! Not only did these questions apply to my choices in terms of how I approached lines in the grocery store, bank or other, but also how I had allowed myself to approach the proverbial lines of my life. Therefore, as I began to honestly assess this behavior in myself, here are a few things I recognized:

I didn't move to another line because it was just "easier" to remain where I was. I didn't move to another line because I believed that when I started toward the other line, someone else would probably get there before I would anyway, so what was the use?I didn't move to another line because I thought, what if I get in that line and it slows down and then I would be stuck in that line, so I might as well stay where I am.

But, the truth of the matter is, none of these reasons were good enough reasons to keep me from making the shift. In using these excuses, I was really allowing myself to:

  1. Stay in my comfort zone

  2. Allow fear and intimidation to rule

  3. Never take risks because of the potential to fail

Do you find yourself standing in the same line? If so, I have just one question for you - "What are you waiting for?" When I asked myself this same powerful question, I quickly realized that my only hold-up was me. I was in my own way of progress. I was sabotaging my own advancement. I was making the choice to remain unnecessarily stuck where I was.

Every day you have before you new opportunities to step into the line that has been orchestrated for your purpose and ultimate destiny. No more procrastination, no more fear, and no more excuses. This is the year of the open door and NOW is your time!


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