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Welcome to 2020!! Whether your year has sleepily rounded the corner or come in with the fervor of a freight train, I’m here to invite you to JUST BREATHE this year!

As I was seeking the Lord about 2020 for the Women of NorthStar, I was reminded of how 2019 blew through so many ladies lives like a tornado—destroying all that was familiar and leaving the rest of their lives in heaps along the way. I was reminded of those ladies who might not have experienced destruction in their lives in 2019 but as they plodded through the year, they didn’t leave the year with much hope of anything changing in the near future. I was also reminded of those ladies who met their goals, surpassed their dreams and solidified their futures in 2019. In thinking about all of you ladies, I felt the Lord was speaking to JUST BREATHE in all of these situations—through losses, status quo and wins—JUST BREATHE.

There is one thing for sure, there is no life apart from BREATH! We have to BREATHE to live! In John 20:22 Jesus BREATHES on His disciples and tells them to RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. Jesus wanted the disciples to be ready for the long haul as he was sending them out into the world so he BREATHED on them and told them to receive the Helper, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit!

I am praying for each of us to have a year full of BREATHING in the BREATH of God that is full of life. I am praying that each of us will RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT—Our Helper, Our Counselor, Our Comforter. We need the eternal breath of God to empower us to move forward this year. We need that breath to permeate our being and supply us with all that we need for the days ahead. So, the invitation in 2020 is to JUST BREATHE! Take this year to breathe in the refreshing of the Lord, the 2020 Clear Vision, the second wind needed for this journey called life. Just Breathe!


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