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Creating Time for God

Sometimes the unexpected, the noise and the chaos of life try to drown out and overpower my first and most important, centering conversation of the day! Or throughout the day!

I have never been a morning person…in Genesis it says, “The evening and the morning were the first day.” (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) But as life goes on I find I need to focus on God for strength, for direction and for the awareness of His presence. Sometimes, I crawl out of bed, grab my coffee and make it to my chair. Sometimes I wake up praying for a person or a situation. There is systematic devotion and study, finding Scriptures to stand on God’s will in situations. Other times, I’m in the car and on the road somewhere, depending on the day. Wherever I am, I treasure that quiet time to worship, seek Him and to listen for His still small voice.

So, inside, I worship. When someone’s face or name pops into my head, I have learned to pray for them. Sometimes, there is an urgency and intensity in that prayer, then to follow up with a text or call. Other times, the thought will come – “You need to go to _____ today.” I have learned that there will be a greater purpose for that trip – even if it was not on my agenda to go in that direction.

I seek to abide in His presence, and to pray without ceasing…no, I don’t have to sit down with a list or close my eyes… as I go through my day, I can breathe a prayer as naturally as I take in air. That’s my prayer for you today…breathe a prayer…listen for Him to speak to you as you go throughout your day.


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