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Creating through writing Blog Posts

Sometimes when we think about doing something that requires creativity, we stop ourselves because we are afraid that we aren’t good enough, aren’t creative enough, or we are simply afraid of criticism of other people. I am guilty of this in all different aspects of my life. Looking at Pinterest or blogs and seeing how people create beautiful things always makes me look at what I create and think about how my creations pale in comparison.

However, creating isn’t about being the best or making something that others will look at and be in awe. Creating is actually a God given gift that we all have access to. If we allow ourselves to constantly be afraid of creating because of x,y, and z, then we are missing out on something that God gave us.

As some of you may know, I truly enjoy writing. Writing is a space in my life where I have no problem being completely transparent and vulnerable. Most of my writings started in journals, then writing spoken words in high school and now I enjoy writing blogs for personal use and sometimes for other websites as well. I love writing because it gives me a platform to be able to share my heart and help those who have gone through similar life events.

Am I amazing at writing? Eh, I wouldn’t say so. My grammar can be awful sometimes because I write exactly the way I would say things rather than trying to be “correct” with my English. But I can promise that if I am writing something for someone to read, it absolutely will have my heart in it because THAT is why I write. I love making people laugh, smile and realize that this life is not about walking through things alone. If I can have one person come up to me and tell me that they enjoyed my blog because it touched their heart, then that’s all the satisfaction and gratification that I need…and if not? I still had fun writing it and I put myself out there.

Writing blogs has also enabled God to show me things about myself that I never would have known. For instance, I absolutely love helping people and being transparent because I think the world needs a little more transparency... especially when people are going through something hard. That, and I absolutely hate shying away from genuine emotions like grief and pain and joy because EVERYONE experiences them. Writing blogs has also given me the opportunity for God to use me to speak into others’ lives as well as have others speak into mine. Had I not written anything or been “real” I would have missed out on those opportunities for connection and growth all together.

All that to say, if there is something out there that you want to do…writing, painting, drawing, baking, design, etc. then DO IT! If not for anyone else, do it for yourself and open the door for God to show you something about yourself that you may have never known. Don’t worry about how good other people are or if they are better than you, that is irrelevant. Find something you may enjoy and go for it.

Over the course of this year you will have the opportunity to read blogs from members of our church who enjoy creating SOMETHING. Soak in what they have to say and get out there and CREATE!


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