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Creating Through Crafting

How do you like to unwind at night and on the weekends? Do you have an outlet you gravitate to? Mine is crafting, specifically cross-stitch. I was a late crafting bloomer. While I liked to scrapbook as a teenager, it wasn’t until I had my own home and even more so when I had my son, Griff, that I really began crafting.

I remember being intrigued with cross-stitch projects that my mother and aunt had done, but I was looking for a more modern spin on it. I have spent a lot of time in the aisles of Hobby Lobby and Michaels stocking up on thread and accessories. I love giving personalized cross-stitches or ones with witty sayings as gifts.

Cross-stitching is not the only thing I enjoy doing. When my son was younger, I loved picking a theme for each of his birthday parties and doing as much of the decorations and games myself as I could. I have made personalized capes for each child for a superhero party, individual fire trucks for an obstacle course and Teenage Ninja Turtle “shells” and masks. I also love making wreaths and banners.

Some of my favorite projects I have done have been for sentimental reasons. I did a paper cross for a friend’s daughter’s Christening, a monogram cross-stich and ribbon mobile for my niece’s nursery and pretty much any birthday party I have done for my son.

Where do I begin?

Whether you have an idea of what you want to do or are looking for inspiration some great online resources are Pinterest, YouTube and Bluprint. I have spent many hours scouring Pinterest and organizing my boards with crafts I want to do, from crafts for the house, party themes and projects to do with Griff. YouTube and Bluprint are great sites to check out when you are needing some instruction or assistance!

If you aren’t interested in creating a project at home, look into local classes. Some of my favorites are Wine and Design, AR Workshop and Carolina Cottage. These are classes that provide all supplies needed so that all you have to do is show up! These are great to do with a group of friends or for a date night.

I know what I want to do, now what?

Should you decide you want to create your own project, picking your project is half of the battle! First you need to stock up on your supplies! I would suggest Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Both have great sales and coupons! Make sure to check out the weekly ads to see what is on sale that week and go to the website or download the app for coupons. Create a supply list before going to the store to avoid forgetting anything. Make sure to check out Pinterest, Bluprint and YouTube for tutorials and helpful hints! Once you have completed your project display it proudly or take joy in gifting it to someone that you care about! This is not to say that all projects will be successful! Just remember that practice makesperfect! I had a “30-minute” ornament wreath this past Christmas that I started and stared at for a month before finally giving up. There is always next year!

I hope that this quick “how-to” was helpful. Below you will find some links to resources mentioned above and pictures of some of my favorite projects, as well as that ornament wreath that gave me such a fit. I hope we will have some time to all craft together real soon!

Helpful links: out the weekly ads and download the app for a 40% coupon every time you shop)

My Favorite Projects:

My Not so Favorite Project:


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