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Black Feathers Flying

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

i hit a bird the other day. a black bird. while i was driving. down the highway. on my way to work. saw it coming. but the bird was not fast enough. and i could do nothing. i saw the black feathers. fly in the air. too late i thought............ and made a silent protest in my mind.

sometimes i feel like that bird. just flying. not looking where i am going. not being careful. but end up safe by the skin of my teeth. it's not on purpose. it just happens. i don't always see things. in my own world. and i forget stuff. i'm kind of glad tho. because i would be a different person now.

God saw fit that i live my life this way. i might be bitter about some things. i might remember too much. i might not forgive. maybe regret too much. i have seen people like that. they wear it. i don't want to be that way. i'm not judging. i just want to be free. of the past. of my sins. of my mistakes. of my ignorance. but it is so bliss. now i know why. i just can't prove it. not now. i am who i am.

maybe that is why i float like a bird. in and out of traffic. danger at my edges but never touching me. never giving up hope. i knew it was possible.

so back to the bird. i checked for signs of it's demise when i got home. none. not a feather. no blood. no dent. poof. gone..... Hmmmm, to leave a dent in someones life, wow. makes me think about some things. so grateful for my life lessons. content with what i have. a certain freedom. of not being bound up. of destruction and bad habits. my dent in life. will i be more careful? or maybe more daring? will i succumb? will i quench the fire? no i think not. thank you dear Lord.

still hate that i hit that bird...........those black feathers flying.


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