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An Unexpected Passion

In January we focused on unexpected outcomes in our church.

As I look at my life I can truly say that I never expected to be sitting here writing a blog.

I never expected that one day I would be a painter and sell my art.

I never expected to be living in a country other then the one I was born in.

I never expected a lot of things.

My entire life has been like that. Unexpected!

Looking back, I remember as a child, I used to scribble and draw pictures on my school lessons; you could always tell which homework assignments were mine, because of the doodles in the corners. I wanted to draw! It was my passion!

My uncle, who was a professional sculpture, came to visit us during his vacations, I remember asking him to draw pictures for me. His talent amazed me. I could sit and watch him for hours. Little did he know he was watering a seed God had planted in me.

My world changed in 1993 when I had a health scare. Everything came to a stand still and I became overwhelmingly afraid. Meditating and speaking Psalm 23:1 ,"The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want” was the way that I coped and fought every fearful and negative thought during this physically and mentally challenging period of my life. My family and friends lovingly helped me to get through this difficult time.

One of my daughters suggested that I join a watercolor art guild. She had researched some creative classes and was impressed with them. She wanted me to go and enjoy life again. With no experience, in that type of medium, I hesitantly joined the group. It was evident that I had talent, and I was encouraged to pursue this new venture. I fell in love with painting again!

I can look back and see that God resurrected my passion for art and even decorating, which was a new avenue for me. I saw it as bringing life and color to dreary, lifeless settings. There was a time when I restored old furniture pieces, sanding and painting a chair or table gave me happiness. I loved covering an old chair with new fabric to make it look pretty again. I, myself, had life again to do beautiful things.

I have not always had a lot of confidence and I have been known to be my own worse critic. I see flaws in my work that are not visible to others. All this is changing as I get encouragement and affirmation. I start believing that my work is good, which is slowly helping me get over my insecurities.

One of the greatest joys of being an artist is not knowing how my vision will translate onto paper. I get a visual in my mind, and as I work, it starts to come into focus. I keep adding to it until it is complete. It may not always be what I was planning in the beginning, sometimes it is Unexpected!


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