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A Year to Create

And just like that, it is 2019!! Boom, a New Year! This New Year comes like all the others that have passed before, full of promise and possibilities. But this New Year we are centering our CFW activities around our theme of 2019 A YEAR TO CREATE. We are called to CREATE by a Creative Father God who made us in HIS image!!!

I get so intrigued by the Jewish Calendar and the meanings of each new year that rolls around in the fall. The new Jewish year for this year is the year 5779. The number 5 means grace in the Hebrew, the number 7 means perfection, a double 7 means a double portion blessing and the Hebrew word for 9 is used for the very first time in Genesis 1:4 where God looks upon His creation of light and sees it is good. Prayerfully, each of us sees God as Creator who is full of grace, perfection and loves to give a double portion of blessing to His children!

In this YEAR TO CREATE, I believe God wants you to hear His heart for creating objects, spaces, and times of beauty and grace here in this world. I believe God wants to speak to our hearts so that we will birth art, music, businesses, relationships, and much, much more that will show forth His glory in the earth!

The number nine when written in the Hebrew looks like a womb—a place of development, growth, fruitfulness and ultimately a new creation. God our Creator Father wants His children to emulate Him in all things and creating beautiful things that are good is just like our Father God.

So, join me on this journey of Creating all the beauty God desires for us to create. The Center for Women has a full year of many opportunities to produce, birth, grow all that God puts in our hearts to create.

Open your heart this year to all God wants to speak to you and be willing to follow His lead in creating for His glory! Let’s see what beautiful things can be done when we receive God’s creativity from Heaven to Earth. #whatwillyoucreate


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