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Welcome to 2020!! Whether your year has sleepily rounded the corner or come in with the fervor of a freight train, I’m here to invite you to JUST BREATHE this year!

As I was seeking the Lord about 2020 for the Women of NorthStar, I was reminded of how 2019 blew through so many ladies lives like a tornado—destroying all that was familiar and leaving the rest of their lives in heaps along the way. I was reminded of those ladies who might not have experienced destruction in their lives in 2019 but as they plodded through the year, they didn’t leave the year with much hope of anything changing in the near future. I was also reminded of those ladies who met their goals, surpassed their dreams and solidified their futures in 2019. In thinking about all of you ladies, I felt the Lord was speaking to JUST BREATHE in all of these situations—through losses, status quo and wins—JUST BREATHE.

There is one thing for sure, there is no life apart from BREATH! We have to BREATHE to live! In John 20:22 Jesus BREATHES on His disciples and tells them to RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. Jesus wanted the disciples to be ready for the long haul as he was sending them out into the world so he BREATHED on them and told them to receive the Helper, the Counselor, the Holy Spirit!

I am praying for each of us to have a year full of BREATHING in the BREATH of God that is full of life. I am praying that each of us will RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT—Our Helper, Our Counselor, Our Comforter. We need the eternal breath of God to empower us to move forward this year. We need that breath to permeate our being and supply us with all that we need for the days ahead. So, the invitation in 2020 is to JUST BREATHE! Take this year to breathe in the refreshing of the Lord, the 2020 Clear Vision, the second wind needed for this journey called life. Just Breathe!

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Our CFW 2019 Theme was a Year to Create with a tag line #whatwillyoucreate. Throughout the year, prayerfully you have “created” space for family, friends and above all, God, in your life. Whatever this year has thrown at you, prayerfully, you have felt God with you in every step of the way.

This year is ending with new life in our family after 2018 being a year of much loss. Our second son now has his first child—a beautiful baby girl!! A baby girl in a family of soooo many boys!! We are thrilled with this new chapter of new life, new creation, new birth! And how appropriate that this new birth happen at this season of Jesus’ birth!

Our new addition to our family, Clara Mae, is a reminder that life is all around us. Life is happening in the here and now. We must seize the opportunities that “birth” themselves right before our eyes!

You may be looking at something new that has entered your life and it’s not looking like you thought it should. Do you have preconceived ideas that are limiting you to see the amazing opportunity to “create” that is staring you in the face? You may have to decide to let go of what you thought things should look like and embrace what lies ahead as an adventure in creating a life full of love, happiness and peace.

See, Jesus is THE KING OF KINGS but when He came as that tiny baby, it really threw off the religious people! They couldn’t accept that their Messiah was coming in such a vulnerable and unassuming form as a baby in a manger.

Let’s choose to be accepting of the things that come our way as a challenge to create God desired spaces in every season of our lives. As we are learning this month—Hope is for Everyone—but Hope is a choice and sometimes we have to actively seek Hope. As we ready ourselves to close out this year and welcome a New Year, let me leave you with this thought--#whatwillyoucreate?

Merry Christmas and may God’s peace be with you!!

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Seasons come and seasons go. Ecclesiastes says in the first verse of Chapter 3, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” It goes on to “list activities under heaven” of which there is a time and a season. Birth, Death, Planting, Harvest—the list goes on and on.

Loss is an “activity under heaven” and it can creep into our lives or suddenly come upon us in a heartbeat. In verse 4 of that same Chapter in Ecclesiastes it helps us know what to do in seasons of loss. “A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance.”

Although loss might be something you are walking through right now, your Heavenly Father knew that season was on the horizon and hasn’t left you to walk alone or without instruction. He created us to not only laugh and love with a full heart but He has created us to cry and grieve as passionately with a full heart. He has made us to pass through the seasons of our lives with His instructions of wisdom and grace, all while He carries us through.

You may be grieving a person, a relationship, a job, a dream—but in all of the loss, God is with you—helping you—as you pass through this season. Remember, even if you can’t see it, you are PASSING THROUGH this season.

Here we are at a season of Thanksgiving and for people who have endured a loss it can be a horrible season to navigate. Questions can plague us like, “How could I ever be thankful for the place I find myself?” But rest assured that God has prepared a place to cry and grieve in the midst of this Thanksgiving season and He is walking with you through it. For that we can be thankful.

If anyone says it is easy to navigate loss, they are lying. It is not easy at all but it is possible to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” with the One who loves you the most and remain thankful that He is with you, as you cry and as you grieve. Remember, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.” This is a season—and seasons come and seasons go.


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